BIOM Residency by Maze Collective Studio


Maze Collective Studio, located in Chhatarpur Delhi is an artist-run studio space dedicated to analogue and alternative photographic processes. The artists / photographers Ashish Sahoo and Zahra Yazdani run and manage the studio. In the early 19th century, when photography was evolving the main objective of the scientists was to find ways to capture and fix an image on a surface. Through this passionate journey, many processes of capturing images on light-sensitive surfaces have been invented.

Various methods and use of chemicals which every one of them has a history behind and has a huge capacity of exploring within them. During the one-month Residency Program, the selected residents will have the opportunity to delve into the environmental aspect of urban cities. The Residency programme will encourage proposals that address immediate environmental concerns and invite residents to showcase their ideas through the utilisation of 19th-century photographic processes. While acknowledging the toxic nature of these processes, this residency will emphasise the importance of handling and disposing of materials responsibly, as well as raising awareness about their impact.

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