Ghosting the Machine

An AI Workshop by Sahej Rahal
Supported by the Shared Ecologies program from Shyama Foundation

All that is Solid melts into the Air

by Vinit Dharia

With the arrival of the Cambrian explosion of Artificial Intelligence, the Machine – which extended the human in wondrous unprecedented ways allowing command, by effect of convenience and efficiency, while simultaneously penetrating and inhabiting the innermost crevices of its fragmented and alienated existence – evolves from mechanization, digitisation, full-fledgedly into the realm of Automation. No longer just an assisting tool, but the Machine becomes the Master, a relatively self-operating control mechanism, governing Life, which is no longer lived, but become mere aggregated data, gathered and fed to algorithms which constantly synthesize / generate new realities, redefining choices, behavior, and imagination, thus reducing the human to an automaton. The contingencies brought by AI do offer potential liberation, opportunity, empowerment, and even effective dissolution of the enlightened narcissistic human ego, but such a loophole remains a false horizon, until the machine far from being neutral, in a socially divided and unequal capitalist society, only favors the ideologies of corporations and oligarchs.

All that is Solid melts into the Air, is a world building exercise that constructs a narrative mirroring the spectacle and horrors of such a situation where enjoyment is promised, but within an ethos of fear and panic, where one is provoked to resist decoupling of intelligence from an empathetic consciousness, and rethink what it is to be human?

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